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"What does WWA offer women?    It is an affordable place to go that stops isolation. It offers structure; a reason to get up in the morning; a place where you can be productive without pressure.  Each woman produces at her own ability level.  Women can relearn social skills and assertiveness. Wisdom is a stepping stone for women to rejoin society and return to work."     ~Jen      

"This program made it possible for me to try to talk again, and be around people, to make friends and go outside my home."      ~Vicki

"It has been literally a lifesaver for me. Suffering from chronic depression, I found a "home" here with caring peers and aspiring artists....art projects waiting for me to explore ... I can't express my deep gratitude and appreciation enough for this program."    ~Jan

"WWA gives me a sense that I can still accomplish something in life, that I have not given up yet"   ~Connie


We believe the arts are the most ancient, most enduring language through which human beings express meaning and value.  Engaging in the arts is a fundamental, essential human activity.  Engaging in “doing art” is the primary survival skill of the human spirit.


We are dedicated to promoting the art of low income women and believe that the images and words they create to express their lives and experience enrich not only themselves and their families, but our entire community.


Women's Wisdom Art
is a program that offers a variety of art experiences for women  who want to broaden their creative lives.

Women's Wisdom Art
offers a uniquely feminine environment that supports the artistic and personal growth of women in all stages of life.

Women's Wisdom Art
believes that
artistic exploration naturally brings greater self knowledge.

Women's Wisdom Art
offers a safe,
nurturing environment for women of diverse cultures.

Women's Wisdom Art
working together in a informal
setting will build a warm comfortable place for artistic exploration.

Women's Wisdom Art
is an affordable
studio where women can pursue their art in a safe and supportive environment. 

Women's Wisdom Art
provides a place where women are welcome to embrace art as a way to build confidence and coping skills.

Women's Wisdom Art
provides a support system and the tools to become empowered and an effective person when dealing with the challenges of living in the modern world.

Women's Wisdom Art
program offers a haven where
women can heal together and support each other as they express themselves through their art.

Women's Wisdom Art is partially funded by a Cultural Arts Award of SMAC. A special thanks to"Friends of SMAC" for their nonprofit support. Tax ID 94-2796782

Women's Wisdom ART 1719 25th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 916 482-2608 cell 916 599-2608 helen@womenswisdomart.org